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Winter Brewing Tips

As the weather turns colder, our brewing habits may need to change due to lower temperatures.

A beautiful drawing of families and animals enjoying a snowy winter solstice under a bright starry night.

Winter Brewing Tips

  • add a couple of days to adjust brewing cycle to the cooler weather
  • move brewing vessels to a warmer spot in the house
  • if your house gets particularly cold, you may want to try a heating pad
  • you can also wrap a towel around your vessel for added insulation

Suggested Winter Flavors

  • elderflower – elderflower tea or elderberries boost upper respiratory immunity – great for cold season
  • cranberry – makes a beautiful deep red colored brew with a crisp, sparkly body, high in vitamin C
  • goji berry – extra antioxidants from goji berries improve cold fighting abilities
  • ginger – makes a dry, beer like flavor that pairs nicely with any meal, plus it wards off viruses

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Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma!Hannah Crum is The Kombucha Mamma, founder of Kombucha Kamp, Industry Journalist & Master Brewer, educating others about Kombucha since 2004. Connect with her on Google +