Organic Gotu Kola Tea, Brain Brew Tisane

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  • Improves brain function
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  • Made with organic ingredients

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Organic Gotu Kola Tea, Brain Brew Tisane

Gingko Biloba has been revered for centuries by Asian cultures, not only for its unique beauty but also for its specific healing properties. Gingko has been shown to increase blood flow which improves circulation, brain function and is commonly used to combat Alzheimer’s.

Made with ingredients: Organic ginkgo leaf, organic hibiscus flower, organic eleuthero root, organic gotu kola herb, organic parsley flakes, organic alfalfa leaf, organic bilberry leaf, and organic ginger root.

Gotu Kola (not related to the Kola nut) has been used for thousands of years to boost memory, ease anxiety and reduce inflammation (arthritis, asthma, vericose veins).

Add Brain Brew to your Kombucha to take those health benefits to the next level or enjoy as a delicious tisane. Brain Brew can also be combined with other flavorings to create unique, healthy blends.

How to Use Brain Brew Tisane

As a tisane:

  • Add 1-2 teaspoons to 6-8oz of hot water
  • Steep for 5-10 minutes depending on how strong you like the flavor

In primary fermentation:

  • Replace up to 1/3 of the normal amt of tea with the tisane (1 tsp = 1 tea bag)

In secondary fermentation (flavoring):

  • Add 1/4-1/2 tsp per 16oz bottle
  • OR add 2-3oz of Brain Brew brewed tisane (prepared according to the instructions above)

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16 reviews for Organic Gotu Kola Tea, Brain Brew Tisane

  1. Janey Balvin

    I ordered this for my mom as a gift. It arrived quickly and was packaged well. It smelled good and the flavor was great. 

  2. Heather Marshall

    Beautiful, fresh leaves! This blend is full of everything I love! Having a brain boost without caffeine jitters is preferable to me. Definitely recommend! (Heather Marshall, Eureka, Montana)

  3. Aaron Spalla

    This is very tasty and took the place of energy drinks for me! I use it frequently in my brews.
    Aaron S(Northwest, Indiana)

  4. Chris Pooser

    Great flavor and with the ingrediants it should help the brain!! I am using this in all of my brews now.

  5. Kate Hinner

    Kate (Tucson, AZ) – We brew our kombucha using Hannah’s Special Tea blend with Brain Brew tisane. It is delicious! Very refreshing! As I am a student, I hope it helps!

  6. J Huffman, MI

    The Brain Brew-5 Stars(I’m 64-preventive medicine I hope). Thanks Again for such great products. I

  7. Kimberly Barnes, Pilot Point, Tx

    So glad I ordered the Brain Brew.  I really need the benefits that this tisane offers.  I have been drinking it mid-morning instead of brewing more coffee. It helps my circulation & provides an energy boost.  I will definitely want to reorder & keep on hand!  Thanks😊

  8. Jennie J. ( No. Salt Lake, Utah)

    I was impressed with the amount in the package, and was excited to try it. It has a nice subtle flavoring, and it has become my husbands favorite. Though I haven’t tried it yet, I have read it goes well with a bit of ginger. I’ll be trying that next. 

  9. Robbie Lieske, Chehalis, WA

    I bought several different items to flavor my kombucha with & each one has a different taste & they all were wonderful.  I bought this for the added benefits of the ingredients & will definitely get more when I run out…so good I can’t choose my favorite, elderberry, ginger, chai spice, & brain brew.

  10. Audra White

    I add a little of this to every batch. I’m going to try to brew a strong concentrate and add it to 2f next. Great flavor!

  11. Carol Thomas

    This tisane is absolutely delicious! I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I have been pleasantly surprised! I only ordered one package to try, but I will be reording before this is gone. So far I have only used it to second ferment kombucha, and I haven’t had enough to know if the brain has benefited, but I am looking forward to drinking more! I just bottled more, and will pass some on to my friends to try! Thank you for a great blend!

  12. Karen

    This is my 2nd most favorite flavor. I can’t get enough of it.

  13. Patti Johnson

    Delicious! I really love the flavor (rich & smooth)! I will definitely order this again! Highly recommend. I also like to mix this with other teas I have to create my own "special blend." 🙂 I haven’t used this for any kombucha yet but plan to do so in the future. 🙂

  14. Paul Gillette

    This is one of my favorite flavors. Very rich & smooth. Let it sit during the secondary fermentation stage an extra week & it will really start to carbonate a lot. I also like this with some ginger added!

  15. Wendy (AZ)

    I tried this on a bit of a whim. I like it! Don’t know if it’s benefitting my brain yet but it tastes very nice! I like it!

  16. Jami (WI)

    This is a very nice flavoring. I use it alone and sometimes I add a bit of ginger.

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