Assam Flowering Orange Pekoe

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Organic & Fair Trade Assam Flowering Orange Pekoe Tea


Assam is THE black tea. Pairs nicely with milk and sugar to balance its strong flavor. Brew with Chai Spice to make your own Indian Chai at home. In winter brews of KT, it provides additional warming properties. Great for those with poor circulation.



  • Organic 
  • Fair Trade
  • Rich, hearty tea


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4 reviews for Assam Flowering Orange Pekoe

  1. Gladys Winship

    This is excellent tea. Used for continuous brew and a cuppa for myself. 

  2. Karen Williams

    I’m going to quote your description: " Assam is THE black tea." Enough said.

  3. Pat R. (Washington, NJ, USA)

    This Assam tea is delicious! As a hot cup of tea, it is smooth and soothing (I drink it black). I just bottled my first batch of kombucha brewed with this tea and let me say it is fantastic! This may be my new "go to" tea for kombucha!

  4. Patti Johnson

    One of my top 3 favorite teas now! It’s delicious, warming and soothing! Makes me feel so nice and relaxed when I drink it. My top 3 favorite teas from Hannah are:

    1. Hannah’s Special Blend
    2. Yin Yang Blend
    3. Assam Flowering Orange Pekoe

    You know what I do? When I have enough in my pantry, I mix all three together in my very large ceramic tea canister (it’s got an air tight seal) and then I use for my Kombucha brewing and for my daily tea drinking (I brew two small pots of this blend each day and drink it). It’s fantastic!

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