Brew Safe Wood Spigot with Cork Outer Lining

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Brew Safe All Wood Spigot for Kombucha Brewing Vessels

Wood replacement spigot with cork sleeve for1st Gen. (2012-2017) Kombucha Kamp USA Made Artisanal Stoneware  Brewer or other vessels that fulfill the dimension requirements. These high quality spigots are easy to install and remove. 



  • Made from 100% wood with cork outer lining
  • All natural wood for those who prefer to avoid plastic or stainless steel
  • Includes FREE Spigot Brush for even easier cleaning
  • 2 Sizes available:
    • Flat Top – Fits ¾” opening, ¾” at the narrowest end and tapers to 1″ at the widest end with spigot 
    • Round Top – Fits 1″ opening, 1 inch at narrowest end and tapers to 2¼” at widest end with spigot



Installing the Spigot

To create a tight seal, firmly insert the spigot into the hole in your vessel and fill with water so it covers the spigot. It may leak at first but as the water swells the cork lining and wooden spigot, a tight seal will form.


Cleaning the Spigot

Sometimes yeast or bits of SCOBY may collect inside the spigot and clog up the flow. This is perfectly normal but can be frustrating. Use the FREE spigot brush included with every KKamp spigot to dislodge the blockages.


If the brew has molded, throw away all SCOBYs and liquid from the brew, then soak this spigot in distilled white vinegar or very sour Kombucha vinegar for 2-3 days to kill any spores in the wood prior to starting the brew again. 


Why use a spigot when brewing Kombucha?

Spigots are certainly not required to make Kombucha at home, but they can make the process less messy and overall more convenient. Usually this is accomplished via the Continous Brew method, which is popular with millions of homebrewers all over the world, as it makes delicious Kombucha more quickly and with less mess than Batch Brewing. Continuous Brewing, aka “CB,” works best in a larger vessel with that spigot attached. 


However some brewers choose to use a vessel with a spigot to make large Batch Brews rather than Continuous Brews by draining the vessel each time rather than leaving them partially full. This takes longer but especially if one only plans to brew every once in awhile, this can be useful. Each brewer finds the style that fits their needs, but no matter what method is used a spigot will always make the process cleaner and easier. 




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Flat Top, Round Top

15 reviews for Brew Safe Wood Spigot with Cork Outer Lining

  1. DJ Lane

    The wood/cork spigot is very well constructed, looks very nice when inserted in the vessel. When setting up my CB system, I did not have a lot of KT in the vessel so had some issues with SCOBY yeast interfering with the spigot’s function. I thought it was a defect in the wood/cork spigot, so I ordered the plastic spigot and am very happy with that. However, once I realized all I had to do was have more KT in the vessel and the wood/cork spigot worked perfectly, I placed the wooden spigot into my vessel for the hotel. Now, when I want to remove some of my KT from the hotel, it’s an easy, smooth process, thanks to the wood/cord spigot. Learning curve for me, not an issue with the wood/cork spigot!

  2. Stephanie Debossu

    I purchased one spigot to replace an old one on my earthenware vinegar making jug.
    A tight seal was easy to obtain by slipping the cork ring off of the spigot, placing it in the jug’s opening, and then pressing the spigot into place.
    It’s a nice piece of work and turns easily. I appreciated receiving a cleaning brush as well. Thank you Hannah!

  3. Ervind Christensen

    I have received the shipment in good condition and the spigot works fine.

  4. Nanette (Minnetonka MN)

    First I would give the service I received when ordering a 5. Patient, knowledgeable & helpful. Also, when I had trouble with the cork spigot, your response was quick & supportive… when the cork cracked, you immediately emailed me saying another spigot was in overnight mail. I couldn’t recommend this web site more confidently! 5 stars!

  5. Pierre

    Exactly as advertised, took only a couple of days to season it; I use it on a vinegar vessel

  6. Mike Shick (Paso Robles, CA)

    I love Kombucha Kamp, period. No, I mean, exclamation!!!!  So far, I’m impressed with their customer service and standing behind their products.  Unfortuantely, after a few months of use, my wood spigot did start to leak…and pretty bad.  I couldn’t for the life of me clean it or fix it.  It seems that the temperatures may have been just right that the spigot shrunk just enough that it left an opening.  Their was no clog, there was no mushroom.  I had taken it out and clean it many times.  However, after KK sent me a replacement free of charge, the old spigot actually started to work again, and without touching it.  I can only imagine that it was weather related.

  7. Jake (Topsham, Maine)

    I am a huge fan of this wooden spigot.  It doesn’t leak and has never clogged.  I ordered one to use with the toasted oak barrel (also procured from kombucha Kamp), and I liked it so much that I ordered a second one for another application.

  8. Carmen Cox

    I have this for the custom made pottery vessel and it works really well. The second vessel I installed this one we discovered that the spigot portion actually comes apart from the cork. Therefore we put the cork in first and we were able to fit it in further much easier than trying to install it as a complete unit. Once the cork was in place we put the spigot in place and there were absolutely zero leaks. Currently I’m leaving water and vinegar in the new vessel as I wait for my scoby to arrive to start a new CB. I do recommend this product.

  9. GB

    I love these wood spigots and prefer them over the metal ones.  They are easy to clean with either the small brush or a bamboo skewer.  I am concerned about heavy metals therefore I use the wood spigot.

  10. Jeff

    I have owned one for over 3 months.Flow isn’t as fast as I want and it has a lot of lateral movement.Everytime I pour in to bottles Im afraid the whole spigot is going to pop out

  11. GB

    I have 3 of the 2.5 gallon vessels and these work perfect. When one gets clogged with mushrooms I simply replace it with a new one while cleaning the used one. Just make sure you allow it to thoroughly dry before storing.

  12. Cher

    I LOVE THIS SPIGOT!! It is perfect for my vessel. Creates a tight seal and doesn’t leak!!! I will def order more when needed. 🙂

  13. t anderson

    Love this! I had purchased a cheap Aladin pouring jar and the plastic spigot was useless. Wanted it for kombucha and knew I had to buy a spigot anyway, so no large concern. But thrilled when this spigot came! It fit perfectly in the rubber gasket that was already in the jar. Super simple to just push into that gasket. Does not leak. Appears to be sealed with some sort of wax, and I plan to use beeswax to reseal it if/when the need arises. Flow stream is small, but functions perfectly.

  14. Diane Duda from Maine

    I have purchased three of these spigots so far. I remove the plastic spigots leaving the rubber one piece gasket and these spigots fit perfectly into the gasket. I love the look with my glass bottles and am happy to replace plastic with wood. Thank you Hannah

  15. Leda

    Love these spigots! They fit in my glass vessels perfectly, create a tight seal, are easy to use and flow freely. I’m so happy to have found them!

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