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A Journey to Better Digestion and Gut Health:
A 30-Day Nutritional Reset & Kombucha Challenge

Welcome to the 30Day Reset with Kombucha!

Hi I’m Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma. I have been drinking and brewing Kombucha for nearly two decades. Kombucha is a naturally effervescent, cultured tea that has been consumed for thousands of years by populations all over the world as a folk remedy and daily tonic. I bought my first Kombucha 18 years ago and I was instantly hooked. I have been drinking it ever since and it has led me here to this moment with you. Whether this will be your first sip or you have been drinking it since the ‘80’s, I’m thrilled you are joining us on this journey. 

What is the 30 Day Reset with Kombucha?

A 30 Day Reset party! We are daring people to try Kombucha for themselves and see if it is for them. We love drinking Kombucha, we love buying different brands of Kombucha, we also love brewing Kombucha at home and we think you might enjoy it too! 

Why drink Kombucha for 30 Days?

The short answer is, why not? The next 30 days are going to happen no matter what, what have you got to lose? Maybe you’ve tried quitting “crash and burn” beverages like soda or coffee or energy drinks before, but the habit eventually crept back in. Kombucha is such a fun and versatile drink with flavors that range from sweet to tangy, herbaceous to fruity – there is sure to be a flavor for every palate. 

A journey is more fun when you have companions to share it with you – Booch buddies, badges and accountability partners will play a key role on social media where you will log your progress. Invite a friend, family member or co-worker to take the challenge with you! 

In the span of the thirty days you will see for yourself if Kombucha is right for you. By the end of the Reset, you will have experienced Kombucha, accomplished a goal and you may even feel a closer connection to Trust YOUR Gut.  And guess what? Thirty days is also long enough to see real results! I can’t wait to hear about your success! #KombuchaKampReset

☮ & ♥ Hannah & 30DKC Team

This Fermented Elixir Is Not Only Tasty, It’s Good For You Too!


Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. While it’s not exactly new, this tasty, transformative brew has been gaining more and more popularity for its incredible health benefits.

While boasting the same health benefits as tea — Kombucha is also delicious and makes you feel good! Not to mention being rich in beneficial probiotics, contains antioxidants, and can kill harmful bacteria. The health benefits are endless!

Kombucha Kamp is the #1 place to learn about all of the benefits of Kombucha for your health, and there are a lot of exciting things on the way that you don’t want to miss out on!

Avid drinkers have reported a variety of Kombucha benefits including:

  • Improved digestion – the combination of probiotics supplied to the gut and low pH to support stomach acidity, has led many people to turn to KT to help regulate their digestive systems.
  • Liver detoxification – compounds found in KT bond to and help excrete toxins from the liver.
  • Reduced cravings – because it is an adaptogen, Kombucha’s effects are designed to create balance. Many people drink it as pre-meal hunger control and even to reduce cravings for sugar and alcohol.
  • Athletic support – many drinkers have reported improved flexibility and fluidity of movement plus mental stamina.

And that’s just to list a few! 

What’s Included:

  • The 30 Day Kombucha Challenge Course  = 147.00
  • Brew Now Jar Kit = $82.88
    • SCOBY w starter liquid – Organic
    • Hannah’s Special Tea Blend – Organic
    • Reusable Cotton Muslin Tea Bags – Organic
    • Sugar – Organic
    • Hand Cut Cotton Cloth Cover w Rubber Band
    • pH strips
    • 1 gallon glass jar w/lid
    • Thermometer strip
    • Complete Handbook PDF guide

PRICE = $229.88

Buy together and receive $50 off the course & 40% off the Jar Kit 

SALE PRICE = $97 + $47  = $144  (+$7.99 shipping)

You’ll be Glad You Learned Right from the Kombucha Mamma!

Hannah is a gift to the world. Her brilliant heart shines with love and she has built her career serving and helping others to achieve their Kombucha dreams. Now she is leaning into her other gifts of guidance to create a space where you are free to be yourself and safe to release trauma and pain that is preventing you from moving forward freely with love. She vulnerably shares her own journey recovering from generational and present day trauma with tools and insights that everyone has the capacity to access. Truly, her mission of “Changing the world, one gut at a time” and “Empowerment through Education” are perfectly balanced in this course.

Why Should I trust Hannah Ruhamah, the Kombucha Mamma?

  • She has run a successful DIY Kombucha business for almost 20 years
  • She was a master brewer for several LA-area restaurants and retail shops
  • She wrote THE critically-acclaimed book on Kombucha!
  • She started Kombucha Brewers International – a worldwide organization dedicated to education and raising the standards of commercial Kombucha brewers
  • She has successfully lobbied various governments on the safety of Kombucha to ensure businesses have an opportunity to thrive & support their communities thirsty for healthy beverages
  • She founded the Kombucha Research Database – part of her commitment to validating the instinctually understood qualities of Kombucha
  • She is led by spirit to share her honest, open heart during these tumultuous times as an example and guide to all who are ready to heed the call – it is time to rise in love

Who is Hannah Ruhamah?

  • Astrology – Scorpio Sun, Cancer Ascendant, Sagittarius Moon – I nail my chart. My gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience guide me to dig into the dark and scary places in order to unearth the bones of trauma for closer examination so that the pain may be released and allow the wounds to heal. I am passion driven by love of Pachamama and all her creatures via the medium of Kombucha to share practical and spiritual perspectives that help others release trauma so they may return to their highest aligned version of themselves. It is my firm belief that all humans have a deep and abiding love of the planet and people. It is our trauma and pain that prevents pure love from guiding our every action and thought. 
  • Human Design – Projector 5/1 – As a projector, I’m here to guide those who seek my advice. As a 5/1 the wisdom I have to share may not resonate with everyone – take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. This wisdom is an outgrowth of my own pursuit of self-healing and a deep awareness that we are all one divine consciousness. I guide people to access their own wisdom within – that we all innately have access to – it isn’t anything special or fancy, simply techniques and tools to re-member our divinity.
  • Numerology – 1 Leader – Like our mother culture, the SCOBY, I have built community everywhere I have gone in my life and career. Scaffolding, structure, a raft – this course and the Kombucha Healing Circle is the latest iteration of that inherent drive to build healthy communities – Healthy Boundaries = Healthy Culture and Diversity is the Key. We need to be exposed to differing opinions and modalities to find those that resonate with our individual being. Difference doesn’t mean dangerous – its an invitation to examine our own triggers and unlearn harmful programming so we may honor the divine in all expressions of life.
  • Songstress – I find when I meditate, I yearn to express myself in song. My heart overflows with joy, sadness and everything in between – I express it with song. Songs give voice to emotions and create a healing vibration. My songs are not polished or precious, simply words and sounds that flow forth like water and I sing to the earth, ocean, flowers, trees, bees, and all creatures as an expression of my love for all. 
  • Tarot Enthusiast – As a Scorpio, I was naturally drawn to the occult at an early age. From Ouija boards with my high school mates to my first tarot deck at 15, I’ve always had a connection to the unseen. Over the years, my tarot practice has deepened and the cards truly help me to extract and reflect my own wisdom and connection to source. I also love reading for other people as a tool for digging deeper and rooting out the hidden causes while providing actionable steps to alignment with self. Like astrology, tarot is less about “predicting the future” and more a tool of knowledge and deeper understanding.

Here’s a sneak peek at what is included in the course

  • 30 days of content delivered via video, downloadable pdfs, plus fillable sheets to track your consumption and how you feel along the way
  • Information from health and wellness experts including Mira Dessy, the Ingredient Guru; Heather Aardema from the School of Living Lighter; Margie Bissinger of Happy Bones, Happy Life; and Jane Hogan, “The Wellness Engineer” plus others
  • Safe & Secure Online Support Forum
  • Special discounts on Kombucha Kamp products to brew your own at home
  • Weekly live lessons with Q&A led by Hannah Ruhamah, the Kombucha Mamma (Thursdays 2-3pm PST starting July 7th)
  • And that’s not all! You will also receive a beautiful pdf workbook and journal to track your progress. Plus bonus resources to support your journey to holistic healing.

Here’s an Overview of the Course Modules:

  1. Goals
    • Accountability Partners aka Booch Buddy
    • Kombucha as Meditation
    • Kombucha Consumption Tracking Sheet
    • Vision Board
  2. Sugar Detox
    • Label Detectives
    • Healthier Alternatives
    • Energy Boosting Recipes
    • Yoga Moves for Detox
  3. Hydration
    • Kombucha Water
    • Hydrating Foods & Recipes
  4. Gut Health
    • Wellness Tracking
    • Gut Healthy Foods
    • Meditation for Mindfulness
  5. Personal Care
    • Tapping to relieve stress
    • Safe swaps for chemical laden products
    • Skin & Body care recipes
    • Drybrushing, Hydrotherapy and Self Massage
  6. Tools for Success
    • Resources for Empowerment
    • Healing Circle


Can You Afford to Skip The Most Powerful Self-Care Imaginable?
Your Other Options:

  • Spend $6 per bottle of store-bought Kombucha that’s loaded with sugar and far less potent
  • Keep feeling the warning signs that your gut health is spinning out of control
  • Never get around to fixing the fatigue that’s preventing you from accomplishing your goals
  • Try probiotic supplement after probiotic supplement that never lives up to its promises
  • Take expensive, toxic pharmaceuticals to control your symptoms rather than get to the root of your health issues
  • Cling to painful patterns that no longer serve yet not sure how to let go and move on
  • Maintain addictions to sugar and alcohol that destroy the body’s optimal functioning

Here’s what People Have to Say about the 30 Day Reset with Kombucha & Kombucha Kamp!


Be a Part of Our EXCLUSIVE Community!

By participating in the 30 Day Reset with Kombucha course, you’ll get access to:

  • Exclusive video content
  • Live support from the Kombucha Mamma
  • Discounts on products and educational tools
  • Bonus gifts & recipe guides
  • Access to our private community


After You Take This Challenge, You’ll Be Able to Answer the Following Questions:

  1. What are the benefits of drinking Kombucha?
  2. How does Kombucha impact my gut microbiome?
  3. What is a Kombucha SCOBY/mother made out of?
  4. How do I close the feedback loop?
  5. How do I know if my Kombucha is successful?
  6. How do I identify foods that support my health?
  7. What ingredients and equipment do I need to make my own Kombucha?
  8. What are some quick, easy techniques to alleviate stress?
  9. What is Continuous Brew vs. Batch Brew?
  10. How does my body let me know if what I’m consuming is in alignment with my highest health?
  11. What should I do with all these extra SCOBYs?
  12. How to create community and connection in times of challenge or crisis?
  13. Can I drink kombucha if I have Candida, diabetes, alcoholism, etc.?

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • I feel fatigued throughout the day
  • My doctor recommended probiotics to help with my issues but I’ve heard that taking supplements doesn’t really work
  • Something feels “off” with my digestion
  • My morning coffee leaves me with a crash instead of the energy I need
  • I feel like I can’t control my sugar/alcohol cravings
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