Longjing Tea – Organic Loose Dragonwell Green Tea

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 Longjing Tea – Organic Loose Dragonwell Green Tea

Dragon Well tea known as Longjing 龍井 in Chinese is one of the most popular and famous teas produced in China.  Dragon Well originated in the West Lake area of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province.  Legend says that Emperor Qianlong visited the Hu Gong temple of West Lake where he was served Longjing tea produced from the temple’s tea bushes.  Qianlong was so impressed by the aromatic Dragon Well tea that he gave the tea bushes imperial status, and to this day tea produced from those bushes are auctioned at prices higher than than their weight in gold.

Emperor Qianlong on the hunt (~1787)

Dragon Well tea leaves are harvested in the spring.  The green tea is produced by dry frying small batches of the flat leaves in fired woks.  Unlike fermented black and oolong teas, green and white teas are heated early in the process to denature enzymes in the leaves that lead to fermentation.  Dragon Well tea is high in catechins, the healthy phenolics found in green teas, Vitamin C and amino acids.

Longjing Tea

The unfermented flat leaves of Dragon Well are said to resemble sword blades and tend to be bright to medium green in color.  Dragon Well is best steeped 2-3 minutes in water under boiling temperatures around 180° F (82° C).  When brewed Dragon Well tea has a yellow-green color, a smooth and mellow flavor with a hint of roasted chestnuts that finishes on a bittersweet note.  Dragon Well is an excellent beverage during moments set aside for reflection and contemplation.


  • Grassy & smooth
  • Produces a Kombucha with milder flavor

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4 reviews for Longjing Tea – Organic Loose Dragonwell Green Tea

  1. Bridget Koontz

    The flavor was really good, not overwhelming but tasty. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Suzanne (Piqua,OH)

    Without hesitation when my order of Dragonwell Tea arrived I brewed a cup. It was absolutely soothing as I savored the blend of taste & smell sensations. I started 2 batches of KT using Dragonwell and "TBBoK" recipe on page 141, Classic (tried & true) Flavor Booster, Ginger Punch. The batches of primary fermentations had a distinctive quality- mild, calm & zesty. Without hesitation I said to myself, "I’ve got to use this tea again!" I continued to sip more & more.

  3. Cindy Musgrove (Murfreesboro TN)

    My experience with KK has been stellar. Hannah returned my call as well as a gentleman. The products are as represented. I am new to brewing my daughter Alicia has encouraged me try this for my health. I am learning and on my second brew so I am hopeful my third will be the charm. Thank you for your service.

  4. Terry Pettie – CA.

    The roasted flavor tastes so good, it made me breathe fire — I know it’s true because my roommate said I had dragon’s breath.

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