Tickled Duff McDonald

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Duff McDonald

Duff McDonald is a New York-based journalist and author. He has written for Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, New York, Esquire, Fortune, Business Week, Conde Nast Portfolio, GQ, WIRED, Time, Newsweek, The New York Observer, and others. He is the co-host, along with his friend Matt McButter, of the podcast How to Tickle Yourself, produced by Storic Media.

Tickled: A common Sense Guide to the present moment ($16)

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Part self-help, part memoir, Tickled is a story of how to bring joy and love into your life right now. McDonald acknowledges that “tickle” is a funny, awkward word. In one context, it’s as innocent as can be. But it also runs deeper. When something tickles you, you are in the moment, experiencing reality itself—at the vortex of truth, consciousness, and bliss. “When something tickles, that’s your soul speaking to you in the language of love, thanking you for experience,” he says. As he lays out his own personal transformation, McDonald invites readers to begin their own journeys to find out what “tickles” them, too.

This exploration of joy and presence—experiences that tickle—lies at the heart of McDonald’s unusual, moving, and profound book. 

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