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Rebellious International

Maria Angelova, the founder of Rebellious International, is one of our World Kombucha Day Partners. Her transition from the corporate world to the realm of fitness and wellness embodies a spirit of rebellion against societal norms. With nearly three decades of fitness instruction experience and a profound passion for Pilates, Maria brings a distinctive perspective to her coaching, emphasizing the holistic benefits of consistent practice and mindful movement. In her book, “Mind & Body: How To Live With Positivity, Passion, And Purpose,” Maria shares her transformative journey, serving as an inspiration for those looking to align their lives with their true passions.

Win A Paperback Of "Mind & Body: How To Live With Positivity, Passion, and Purpose" ($10)

Maria is generously offering a chance to win a paperback copy of her book. “Mind & Body” delves into Maria’s personal evolution from a corporate executive to a dedicated Pilates instructor, highlighting the importance of following one’s heart and embracing personal growth. This captivating narrative of self-discovery and entrepreneurship resonates with anyone striving to live authentically and pursue their dreams. Don’t miss the opportunity to win this empowering memoir and embark on your own journey of self-discovery with Maria as your guide.

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