We arrive yet again to an important inflection point in the cycle of life on Earth – Summer/Winter Solstice. Here in the Northern hemisphere, the light is at its zenith, nature is in full bloom with busy bees, cicadas and ants taking full advantage of the warmth to maximize their potential before the sun begins its journey falling back to the nadir – which is where the Southern hemisphere currently resides – deep in the womb of stillness, where life is resting to harness the energy needed before springing back into life.

These cycles are not only visible, they are palpable deep within every cell of our being for we are Terrestrials – Earthlings – beings inextricably in sync and bound to the rhythms of the planet we adoringly inhabit. The light brings illumination to the darkest corners and shadows providing relief and visibility. To harness the energy of the season and this unique moment, we can call on our nature allies to support us as we bring loving kindness to every aspect of our lives.

Kombucha, water kefir, JUN and milk kefir are not only microbial healers for bacteriosapiens (you and me!), they also deliver herbal medicine when we infuse them with nourishing plants. Here are a few of our favorite flowers that peak in the summertime. While they are delicious year round, creating a Summer Solstice brew is perfect for celebrating and harnessing the energy of this season.


The rose is the most sacred of all the flowers for her vibrational frequency is the highest and is often associated with Mother Mary and other spiritual avatars. I planted the most fragrant roses and they are bursting with blooms right under my windowsill – and they are a key ingredient in my absolute most #faveflave “Love Potion 99”. 


The champagne of flowers! I adore elderflower everything! The natural yeast present on the creamy white blossoms creates an extra fizz along with a dry, champagne-like flavor. 


With a center as bright as the sun, surrounded by delicate white petals, her apple-like flavor is a blessing to any bottle. When paired with lavender, we call that “Summer Breeze” because it “makes me feel fine.”


These delicate purple blossoms are only around for two weeks and are often harvested during the Summer solstice. Known for her calming properties, when used sparingly, the flavor is delicate and subtle.


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