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Trust Your Gut Fermentation Bumper Sticker

Ever get “butterflies” in your stomach or have a funny feeling that turned out to be true? Where do “gut instincts” come from? Your gut is made of the same tissue as your brain and in fact, has even more neurotransmitters than the brain! At KKamp, we consider our gut to be the “first brain” as our second brain (the one in our head) doesn’t function nearly as well when the first one is out of balance. Fermented foods and drinks are key to maintaining healthy gut function as they contain beneficial bacteria and yeast that keeps the engine running smoothly.


Just like fingerprints, every gut has its own microbial signature that is influenced by a variety of factors from food consumption, genetics to use of antibiotics and literally everything that goes in and on your body. That means that what is good for my engine may not be the same for you. That’s why you have to trust YOUR own gut. 


One way to connect with your gut is to drink Kombucha on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is a great way to close the feedback loop as you allow yourself to observe the experience with mindfulness. Over time, as closer attention is paid, you develop the ability to become your own best health advocate.

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