Wholesale Kombucha or Jun Strong Starter Liquid for Commercial Brewing


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Wholesale Kombucha or Jun Strong Starter Liquid for Commercial Brewing

Starting a new Commercial Brewing operation and need the best 100% organic commercial Kombucha or JUN strong starter liquid? Or maybe you have an established Commercial Brewery and need to scale up or expand? Perhaps your JUN brew has lost some power, and you’d like to boost your in house culture with an infusion from KKamp? 

No matter your needs, we’re ready to help! More than 100 brands all over the world use KKamp Kombucha SCOBYs and Jun SCOBY cultures! We’ve shipped thousands of pounds of culture and gallons of liquid around the globe to new and experienced commercial operations.


If you need 10-20 Kombucha SCOBYs in starter liquid, consider our discounted 10 pack of Kombucha SCOBYs here

We also have discounted 5 pack of Jun SCOBYs available too!


Not sure how much you need? Let Hannah guide you to the right amount and proportions for your brew by sending us an email with your needs or giving Hannah a call to discuss: 424.245.5867.

Be sure to include:

  • the size of the batch(es)
  • the brewing conditions
  • and your shipping address for complete service.

Large orders = Large Discounts!


Retailer Notes

  • Starter Liquid guaranteed to brew for up to 2 weeks from ship date
  • Unopened: store at 65 – 75 degrees, Do Not Refrigerate

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