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Hey Fermenting Enthusiast, I’m Hannah Crum – the Kombucha Mamma

Mother to mazillions of bacteria across the globe, bacteria farmer, Kombucha consultant and President & Co-Founder of Kombucha Brewers International – the premier trade association for commercial Kombucha producers here and abroad.

As a long time brewer and consultant, I know what it’s like to feel lost in the staggering amount of questions in growing a kombucha business. I’ve been there.

We have been consulting new and established breweries for nearly a decade and are also the founders of the trade association for the Kombucha bottling industry, so we have a keen knowledge of commercial brewing processes, pain points, and best practices.

Commercial Kombucha is a flourishing industry at $1.2B annually in the US and $2B globally with consistent and steady growth year after year. 

If you are considering a new business opportunity or are seeking help to expand your current operation, feel free to schedule an exploratory call to see if Kombucha Kamp consulting or commercial cultures & products are a good fit for your needs!

We grow together!

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