“The most famous legend of Kombucha’s origin dates it to the Qin dynasty (221-206 BCE) during which time … it was referred to as the “Tea of Immortality.” The emperor Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇) is said to have sought to lengthen his life by any means available and this Tea of Immortality was delivered by alchemists at his request.” 

What is World Kombucha Day?

In 2016, shortly before “The Big Book of Kombucha” was set to publish, Alex came to me with the idea to initiate a holiday called “World Kombucha Day” to celebrate our heritage. 

It took another couple of years before the first ever World Kombucha Day was celebrated when Kombucha Brewers International launched it into the world.

Since we (Alex & Hannah) are also the co-founders of Kombucha Brewers International, it was only natural to share this holiday with the world and all of our industry mates at the trade association.

Now in its 4th year, the celebrations have taken a life of their own. And this year, we are putting on the largest Kombucha Celebration in the world and YOU are invited to join in the fun.

When is World Kombucha Day?

As described in the quote above, the earliest known origins for Kombucha are from China. According to the most famous legend, it originates all the way back to 221 BC. So this is our 2245 year of Kombucha in the world. 

Therefore, Alex decreed ever February 21st (2.21) to be World Kombucha Day!

A drawing of Emperor Qin, whose dynasty reigned around the time Kombucha is said to have been discovered, 221 BC.
Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di

How to Celebrate World Kombucha Day with Kombucha Kamp

We are partnering with brands and luminaries from the Kombucha and Fermentation world to host the LARGEST celebration of Kombucha the world has ever seen!

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Kombucha Luminaries, Fermentation Fans & Awesome People

  • GT Dave, founder of GT’s Kombucha aka the King of Kombucha; founding member of KBI
  • Sandor Katz, author of “Wild Fermentation”, “The Art of Fermentation”, “Fermentation Journeys” and more
  • Sally Fallon Morrell, author of “Nourishing Traditions”, founder of the Weston A Price Foundation
  • Duff McDonald, author of “Tickled” and host of “How to Tickle Yourself” podcast – avid Kombucha lover and home brewer
  • Zane, Sarah & Jeannine, CSO of FedUp Foods, founding Board member of KBI and current KBI Chairman of the Board (Zane Adams)
  • Kendra Sepulveda, current KBI Executive Director; founder of Casa de Kombucha in Barcelona, Spain
  • Matt Thomas, founder of Brew Dr. Kombucha, founding member of KBI
  • Laurent Coullombe-Labarthe, founder of Karma Kombucha (France)
  • Jordi Dalmau, founder of Mūn Kombucha (Spain)
  • James Barry, chef and founder of Pluck Seasoning
  • Galia y Raquel, founders of Ferment Oaxaca and owners of La Cocina de Galia (Mexico City) & RGB Ferments (Monterrey)
  • Lucas Montanairo, founder of Fermenta com Ciencia & current head of ABKOM (Asociao Brasilero do Kombucha)
  • Lori Bolin, CEO of BrewLogix & MyBreweryDB
  • Zoey Shamai, founder of Tonica Kombucha (Canada)
  • Heather Gray, The Lyme Boss
  • Ian Griffin, founder Booch News & Editor in Chief of SYMBIOSIS Magazine
  • Athena Aktipis, Asst. Prof. Arizona State University and author 
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