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When I first started drinking Kombucha almost 20 years ago, I didn’t have a specific health goal in mind. For me, it was “love at first sip”, though, at the time, I couldn’t really explain why. My body recognized that Kombucha was something I needed & I craved the sweet-sour punch. Over time, I have noticed a lot of changes – my tolerance for sugar has decreased tremendously, I drink less alcohol, have more mental clarity, and get numerous compliments on my skin. Each person’s physiology is different and what you experience from drinking Kombucha will be unique to you.

No matter what goals you desire to achieve by participating in the Kombucha Mamma 30 Day Kombucha Challenge – weight loss, eliminating addiction to sodas or caffeine, improved digestion, just wanting to “feel good” – you have taken the first step but signing up is only the beginning. Consistent participation will yield the best results, and even if you only have 10 minutes a day to dedicate to learning, and jotting down your Kombucha consumption, you will see a change.

Success is not an end result but rather a consistent habit. By creating a plan, implementing it on a daily basis, and tracking your progress, you will achieve success! We take the guesswork out of the process and include a variety of worksheets, logs and opportunities for reflection along the journey to really observe the changes – some are subtle and require paying close attention, whereas others are obvious and will jump out at you – plus I’m with you every step of the way!

Dive on in and let’s get started!