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Kombucha News – Sorbet Edition!

A bowl of Kombucha Sorbet from Humphrey Slocombe appears creamy and delicious.

Kombucha Sorbet courtesy of Tamara Palmer SF Weekly

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It’s amazing.  October started.  Then all I did was look away for one second, two weeks had passed and all this Kombucha News just piled up!  So here it is, a fresh helping of the good stuff:

– Twitter exploded last week with news of Kombucha Sorbet at Humphrey Slocombe Creamery in San Francisco.  Ginger Pineapple is the flavor, orat least was the flavor for about 3 hours, by which time it had been gobbled up by hungry Tweeters.  I had only made it past Bakersfield when they called me to say I should turn back to LA!  Okay, I didn’t go, but I thought about it.  For far too long.

BevNet’s John Craven sits down with High Country Kombucha to discuss reformulation, getting back on the shelf and just how much hard work it takes to keep a beverage company afloat.  Really enjoyed John’s interview here.

– The Miami New Times updates readers on the brands returning to local shelves, then gives Kombucha Kamp a shout-out in the “learn how to make it yourself” category.  Wow, thanks Christina!
– If you love Kombucha , you’ve probably heard that GTs is back on shelves.  Apparently, what we are seeing is the new “Enlightened” version, and UNFI, the group that distributes GT’s, has released a “GT’s Enlightened FAQ” for consumers (warning: pdf).  The lowdown is this: the new stuff is still raw and GT plans to bring back the original formula, but it may have to be sold as an over-21 product.

[press release removed]

Bottles of Pat Greers Kombucha line a refrigerator shelf.

Pat Greer’s Kombucha

Live in Houston and love Kombucha? Why not try a micro-brand like Pat Greer’s Kombucha, a product of her Vegan Kitchen.  I’ve never had her food but it sounds delicious, and anyone that uses the word “quaffed” is okay in my book.

– Honest Tea’s most recent press release announces that they are committing to Fair Trade Certified™ tea in all their beverages.  Also, they have released their 2009 Mission Statement as well as a document called “Social Responsibility,” about the progress and setbacks the company is making toward meet their own goals of sustainability and giving back.  I enjoyed reading about their efforts.

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