How To Make Kombucha: A 60 Second Video

Kombucha is easy. Regular readers here already know that. But sometimes, to the uninitiated, it can seem intimidating.

The first time I laid eyes on a Kombucha culture, there was no doubt I was FASCINATED, but I also admit to being a bit disgusted at first.

I don’t want to get too philosophical here, but much of what is wondrous and life giving in nature may cause similar reactions at first. Suffice to say, Kombucha is funny looking and, if you’re used to the SAD, darn funny smelling too.

Sometimes even trying to take in a recipe page can be enough to scare people away. So, we decided to make it as easy as possible to introduce Kombucha to the Newbie.

In just 60 seconds, soak in the entire process, then download a free 4-page DIY Guide complete with a supplies list, step-by-step instructions with pictures and safety tips.

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Fear? Out the window! Excuses? A thing of the past! Share this video with someone you believe would benefit from having Kombucha introduced into their lives. Show them how easy it is to make Kombucha in no time flat and be their Kombucha hero!

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  1. Thanks for all of the amazing tips any time I need to know anything about my kombucha I check here and you always have an answer 🙂

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