Modern Porcelain

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Modern Porcelain Brewing Vessels

Our fermentation grade modern porcelain Kombucha brewing vessels come with a brew-safe BPA-free plastic spigot, brewer cap and brewing stand, or you can upgrade to a stainless steel spigot for a small charge. Our porcelain Kombucha containers come in the following colors/stand combinations:

  • White with Black Stand
  • White with Dark Natural Wood Stand
  • White with Light Natural Wood Stand
  • White with White Stand
  • Green Stripe with Dark Natural Wood Stand
  • Green Stripe with Light Natural Wood Stand
  • Black with Black Stand

We also have different brewer cap colors to choose from as well, including (colors subject to availability, check the dropdown in each product):

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Royal Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Olive
  • Avocado

Although our porcelain vessels come with free shipping, if you want to take advantage of even greater savings, consider selecting your vessel as part of a Continuous Brew package. Each one of our Continuous Brew Packages are designed to fit your brewing needs, whether you want something all-inclusive or bare bones, you're sure to find a package that's right for you. Best of all, you can save over 35% with our continuous brew packages than if you bought each item individually.

Types of Kombucha Brewing Packages We Offer

If you just want to buy the porcelain vessel only, we sell them individually as well. Each of our porcelain brewing vessels are certified lead-free so you can brew with confidence knowing that your brewing vessel will not introduce impurities in your Kombucha tea. The included wooden stands are easy to construct and provide just enough height to make dispensing and bottling the Kombucha a cinch.