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Continuous brew (CB) is the most versatile method for making kombucha. It significantly reduces the amount of time, effort, and cleanup involved in batch brewing, and it works for individual homebrewers making a couple of gallons a month as well as for commercial breweries producing large batches. Brewers select for themselves the CB cycle and rhythm that fits their needs in terms of taste and volume.

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Kombucha Continuous Brew vs Batch Brew Explained by Kombucha Kamp

Kombucha Continuous Brew vs Batch Brew Explained

Kombucha Continuous Brew vs Batch Brew Explained While making Kombucha is easy and adaptable, usually new home brewers have questions about the two different methods, Kombucha Continuous Brew vs Batch Brew. Even worse, many “expert” websites offer confusing or flat out wrong information, especially about Continuous Brew. Never fear! Here we wil…
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The Continuous Brew Kombucha Brewer T-Shirt & Cover Set from Kombucha Kamp

Are you thinking How to Make Kombucha Continuous Brew Tea from home to save money and reap the health benefits of this delicious fermented drink? Kombucha Kamp has all of the supplies you need to make Kombucha for pennies a glass with the “easiest, safest, healthiest” way to brew – Continuous Brew! Subscribe our channel Kombucha i…
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