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Kombucha Float at Kind Kreme Vegan Ice Cream

Hannah Crum’s Kombucha Kamp On The Town visits Kind Kreme for a delicious vegan sweet treat, the Kombucha Float. Hannah tries the Honey Vanilla/Ginger Kombucha Float and talks to Mimi Moss and Mollie Engelhart about their delicious concoctions!

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During her visit to Kind Kreme, she met some lovely ladies. A delicious Kombucha Float is one of the tasty treats Mimi and Mollie graciously share with her! Sage Vegan Bistro is also co-founded by them and has 3 locations in Los Angeles.

This video shows Mimi enjoying a Honey Vanilla Ginger Kombucha Float. As we talk, Mollie tells me that she wants to provide kids (young and old!) who are vegan with delicious, healthful, conscious desserts while still pleasing the average omnivore looking for a traditional sugar rush.

It was amazing to have the Booch Float. Hannah’s favorite Kombucha flavor is ginger, the sweet/sour combination is perfect! Try this place soon if you live in or near Los Angeles. You can also make one yourself using your own homebrew.

Read more at KombuchaKamp.com or visit Mollie and Mimi at Kind Kreme

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