Cocktail Recipe: “Kombucha Margarita” – Kombucharita

The Kombucha Margarita at Mill Valley Kitchen featuring Deane's Kombucha
The Kombucha Margarita

Kombucha’s greatest strength is its versatility: healthy beverage, marinade, salad dressing and even cleaning fluid to name a few uses.

How about “Drink Mixer” too?! Yes, Kombucha pairs perfectly with liquor, plus it’s a natural liver detox.

That means when you add Kombucha to the mix, you get a little antidote  with your poison.

To celebrate the end of summer, each Friday afternoon we’ll be featuring a Kombucha recipe for a new drink.


The Summer Kombucha Cocktail Series:
Twisted Bliss
Dark & Devoted
Kombucha Margarita – “Kombucharita”

stay tuned for more… 


Executive Chef Mike Rakun, Bryan Deane Bertsch of Deane's Kombucha and General Manager Brandon Bossert Hold Kombucha Margaritas at The Mill Valley Kitchen in Minneapolis "Kombucharita"
Executive Chef Mike Rakun, Bryan Deane Bertsch of Deane’s Kombucha and General Manager Brandon Bossert

Recently, guest blogger Bryan Deane Bertsch filled us all in on his experience with oak barrel Kombucha brewing, and I recently found out that his brand of (over-21) Deane’s Kombucha is being used to make a wicked blueberry Kombucha Margarita.

The Mill Valley Kitchen Restaurant in Minneapolis (“a healthier approach to cuisine focusing on local sourcing, sustainability and organics”), who were already featuring Deane’s on tap, put it together. I am ecstatic to feature this “Kombucharita” recipe with my readers.

Executive chef Mike Rakun says, “Like the Kombucha on tap, the margarita is something we have had to educate the customer on. However, those that venture out and order the margaritas, really do enjoy them.”

Follow this recipe to take Kombucha south of the border anytime:

Kombucha Margarita
“Kombucha Rita”

Kombucha Margarita on the bar at Mill Valley KitchenIngredients:

  • 5 Blueberries
  • 1 ½ oz El Tesoro Tequila
  • 1 oz Triple sec
  • 1 oz Kombucha
  • ½ oz Lime Juice


  1. Fill a Low Ball glass with ice. Dump the ice into a shaker.
  2. Combine all ingredients in shaker with ice.
  3. Cover & shake vigorously.
  4. Pour back into Low Ball.
  5. Garnish with lime or fresh blueberries.



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Responses to Cocktail Recipe: “Kombucha Margarita” – Kombucharita

  1. Just had a Ginger Kombucha Shandy (or three)

    In a tall glass, combine in equal parts:

    Shiner Red Rubybird
    Ginger Kombucha

    We found a crisp slice of braeburn apple was a nice garnish.
    The Red Rubybird is great because the grapefruit and ginger really makes it stand out as a summer beer.

  2. Kombucha cocktail recipe….

    1.5 oz vodka
    2.5 oz orange blossom oolong kombucha
    1 mandarin orange
    Juice of half a lemon
    .75 oz of basil simple syrup
    half an egg white

    In a martini shaker muddle mandarin and syrup until pulp.
    place rest of ingredients into a pint glass, slowly pour and stir into the martini shaker mixing everything with a spoon as you go.
    Then vigourously shake everything! When you see the foam of the egg white forming, shake it again!!
    Pour everything into a small rocks glass, no rocks!
    Garnish with lemon and mandarin zest
    Sip and enjoy!
    This kombucha flavour acts as a minor bittering agent (bitters in cocktails are for the best)
    the syrup cuts the tartness of the citrus, the basil neutralizes and helps to smooth the finish off on the palate. The egg white gives it a smooth and creamy texture and thus makes a delicious cocktail!!

  3. has anyone tried it without the alcohol and was it good? I thought I would try it for my kids. I will let you know.

  4. This is not a “recipe,” but I just poured a bit of gin into my ginger/black pepper ‘buch and it is better than any gin and tonic I’ve ever had. 🙂 Happy Friday Mamma!

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