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Holly Lewis Demonstrates How Easy It Is to Continuous Brew Kombucha

Continuous brewing is an ideal method for beginning Kombucha brewers as well as seasoned brewers. Historically, people in China, Russia, Germany and the US have used this exact method with great success for generations.

You get more of the beneficial organic acids, lower sugar content and more consistent flavor in Kombucha when you use a Continuous Brew system. There are more organic acids in greater quantities that support a healthy liver and gut, plus the nutrients boost the immune system with living bacteria and yeast. Additionally, Continuous Brew Kombucha produces the best taste in my opinion.

“One of the benefits of Continuous Brew Kombucha is the complexity of flavors and the ease of use. I’ve achieved better results after bottling my brew than I have with any store brand I’ve tried so far!

Kombucha Kamp Continuous Brew client, Holly Lewis, shows us how she uses her Kombucha Mamma Continuous Brewer system; how easy it is; and how much she enjoys drinking her Kombucha every day.

Then Holly, inspired by the beauty of her brew, flexes her creative brain to drop an original poem about the Kombucha Mamma Heating System! Wow Holly, I am so touched by this! 🙂

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