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Eomhd and his family LOVE their Kombucha Kamp Continuous Brew from Kombucha Mamma

Eomhd is an independent Kombucha brewer. Eomhd and his family love Continuous Brew from Kombucha Mamma, and expresses his feelings today after trying my Continuous Brew.

Kombucha Kamp client Eomhd shows off him and his kids enjoying the Kombucha on tap and even helping out to make it themselves. (How cute!)

You can make continuous brew kombucha by using a brewing method that allows you to have constant kombucha supplies. Kombucha is a naturally carbonated tea that begins with a Kombucha scoby (also called a starter or mushroom) that looks like a flat, grayish disk.

If you’re interested in making your own Kombucha, Continuous Brewing is definitely the way to go. Find out more at Kombucha Kamp and get started now! 🙂 


  • [00:13] Eomhd’s journey to create his own kombucha 
  • [00:57] His process of using Continuous Brewing
  • [02:00] Eomhd’s review of using Kombucha Mamma’s products

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