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The Best Monday Night: Mamma Mondays with Sandor Katz: “Fermentation Journeys”

Fermentation expert and bestselling author of “Fermentation Journeys”, @sandorkraut joins host Hannah Crum for Momma Monday!

“Fermentation Journeys” details the fermented foods and beverages he’s learned about in his travels – with descriptions of traditional fermentation techniques, local customs and ceremonies that surround particular ferments, and more sure to inspire your fermentation journey. In his newest book, “Fermentation As Metaphor,” Sandor meditates on his art and work, drawing connections between microbial communities and aspects of human culture.


  • [02:34] All about Sandor and his journey to finding his passion for fermentation
  • [06:35] Where did his love for sauerkraut and fermentation originate?
  • [10:15] Create your own: need-to-know about gardening
  • [14:06] Bacteria and fermentation, and the misconceptions around its safety
  • [15:27] Spreading the word about fermentation through Sandor’s books

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