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No-Frills Oak Barrel Continuous Brew JUN TEA Package

The Kombucha Mamma Continuous Brewing Deluxe System w/ Toasted Oak Barrel delivers the highest quality brewing essentials, set-up & maintenance videos plus a complete guide and Kombucha Mamma support to make the process a breeze!


The Toasted Oak Barrel is not only lovely to behold but also provides the JNU bacteria and yeast a unique home – the culture literally grows right into the sides of the barrel! The oak imparts a depth of flavor and mellowness that is not reproducible in other vessels. It will delight all who sample!

These barrels feature a 100% wood spigot that is placed high enough to permit easy dispensing while helping to prevent over draining. Or opt for the Stainless Steel spigot upgrade, which provides style and increased flow at decanting time (highly recommended and safe with JUN or any ferment!).

The chemical and epoxy free construction and all natural materials will not leach any toxins into your Kombucha so you can brew with confidence.


Continuous Brewing is easy and fun but can feel intimidating. This system takes the guesswork out of the CB process, offers the most choice and the best discounts on Kombucha Kamp’s custom made brewing upgrades.

As with each of the Continuous Brew packages, Kombucha Kamp sets you up for success with a library of resource materials at your fingertips. The Kombucha Mamma takes you on the journey of successful home brewing through the Set Up & EZ UpKeep Videos and the 100+ page Complete Guide pdf provides details, flavoring recipes and brewing tips in an easy to use format with a clickable table of contents. Even if new to fermentation or an old hand, this kit will make the process fun and successful!

Videos, Guide, Complete Brewing Supplies and Full Support all included!


From The Kombucha Mamma: “As decade long homebrewers and Kombucha drinkers, we understand that the key to delicious Kombucha is creating an appropriate environment for the culture. To that end, we continue to partner with American designers and small businesses to bring high quality, USA made and Handmade products that provide the ideal conditions for successful Kombucha brewing year round. Our USA Made vessels, USA Made premium heaters & USA made cap-n-brewer tee sets are high quality, functional, attractive and help employ artists, engineers and other professionals, your friends and neighbors.”


JUN Tea Continuous Brew

Jun Tea Continuous Brew Deluxe Package Option from Kombucha KampJUN Tea is another delicious fermented tea option and can be done as a Continuous Brew. Because JUN can mature faster than Kombucha, it is even easier to have plenty of fresh brew on hand. Although JUN is a cousin of Kombucha, all the basic concepts of Continuous Brew will apply, meaning that set up, SCOBY care, maintenance and more are essentially identical. The main differences are that JUN requires 100% RAW honey for brewing, is best when made with green tea, and can be brewed at a slightly lower temperature for a shorter time. If you select the JUN option, your kit will include 2 JUN Cultures and our Green Goddess Tea Blend for perfect JUN or Kombucha. KKamp RAW Honey is included in every Complete or Deluxe Continuous Brew Package, or you can add it by clicking here: KKamp RAW HONEY



Both size barrels have a medium char and include a wooden spigot and spigot brush to facilitate clearing away any clogs. They are available without engraving or with “KOMBUCHA” inscribed on the front. Customize the inscription for only $5 more! i.e. “Rob’s Brew” “Crumbucha”, “Sally’s Kombucha”, etc.

Oak Barrel brewing is a joy for the palate as well as the eye. Over time, the barrel will achieve a unique, “worn in” look similar to that of barrels found in wineries or distilleries. This natural aging process is part of its rustic charm. The spigot is installed about 40% up the barrel to prevent overdraining.



  • 10 Liter (~2.5 gallons) 12″ x 8″ x 8″ inches with 6″ opening & 1″ high wooden stand
  • 20 Liter (~5 gallons) 15″ x 10.5″ x 10.5″ inches with 6″ opening & 1″ high wooden stand

Toast: Medium

Wood: Oak

Place of Manufacture: USA

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In order to properly heat the larger 5 gallon barrels or any large vessel, we have created a new version of The Ferment Friend Heater with Thermostat, featuring a larger heating surface capable of producing 2.5 times the power of our regular heaters.

Dubbed the new PRO Line, these 7″x27″ heat mats are identical to the original models but with the increased surface area makes it suitable for 5 gallon vessels, multiple smaller vessels, or for use on a regular 2.5 gallon vessel in very cold conditions.

Simply select the PRO LINE Upgrade you prefer from the drop down menu above. (The PRO Line is not available with the Essential Heat Strip or Year Round Heating System w/ Dimmer at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.)



  • USA Made Toasted Oak Barrel, 5 Liter (2.5 gallon) or 10 Liter (5 gallon) size

  • Handmade Wood Counter Stand

  • 100% wood spigot or upgrade to stylish Stainless Steel spigot (better flow too!)

  • Genuine KKamp Kombucha JUN Tea Cultures (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) packed in

  • Strong KKamp JUN Tea Starter Liquid (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) with live yeast strands

  • Custom Made Barrel Cap (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!)

  • Green Goddess Tea Blend for delicious JUN, 2oz
  • Muslin Tea Bags – set of 3 reusable cotton bags

  • Thermometer Strip – monitor the temperature of your brew at a glance



  • 20L (5 Gallon Barrel)

  • 4 Cultures and cups of Strong Starter Liquid

  • Double the sugar/honey to make the first 4 gallon batch of sweet tea

  • Extra 4oz of 100% Organic Tea Blend



  • Continuous Brewer Set-Up Videos (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) – $15 Value – FREE

  • Continuous Brewer Maintenance Videos (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) – $15 Value – FREE

  • Kombucha Mamma Complete Handbook (PDF only) (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) – $10 Value – FREE

  • Lifetime Membership to KommUnity & Facebook Support Group Forums (KKAMP EXCLUSIVE!) – $195 value – FREE

  • Add The Big Book of Kombucha – From the experts at KKamp – 400 pages, 400+ recipes; the most comprehensive book on Kombucha ever written!! – Save $5




As a small family business, we wear many hats to provide superior quality products and customer service to all of our clients. We appreciate your patronage and our reputation is built on word of mouth – sharing our blog posts and products with your friends and family. As our reviews attest, we always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with integrity and a smile. Here are some review highlights of the Continuous Brew Package.

  • A Rodriguez – “OMG It worked! This kit is foolproof! I can’t believe it was so easy.”

  • Angie B. – “Finally a one stop shop on how to brew from start to finish!”

  • J Vinton – “The savings from having to purchase Kombucha at the store far outweigh the one-cost and minimal upkeep of this set.

  • Mary Mc – “You can’t go wrong with Kombucha Kamp. Their site provides all the supplies needed to start brewing and has all of the information right on their Web site!


Why is everyone Continuous Brewing?






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