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Kombucha News – Weird Edition!

An exceptionally entertaining (read: weird) edition of Kombucha News is upon us. It’s November, which means we’ll be needing the booch more than ever these next two months with all the holiday insanity descending upon our little heads.

Here’s hoping Kombucha makes those full body airport scans a little easier to deal with. I have heard it suggested that men wear a kilt and request the pat down instead of the scan, but that would require some serious “testicular fortitude,” I would say.  Anywho…

Beyond Kombucha's artisanal quality Rooibos Honeybosh flavor

courtesy Dan Neville/New York Times

If you missed it this weekend, Beyond Kombucha gets the star treatment from NY Times Magazine. Woot! If you haven’t heard of these guys, you will soon. Congrats Spiro, Masha and my buddy Hoover!

This one is a bit older (from January), but I just came across it recently: Bacteria in the gut shown to lower obesity. Yeah!

I claim absolutely no knowledge about this person or video. But it’s weird. And kind of hilarious. And it’s entirely about Kombucha, sort of. So what I’m saying is, use your own judgement. (NSFW)

My friends at Hella D posted a cool recipe for “Grape Kombucha Soda” which I have yet to try but sounds like fun.  Check it:

First it was extract. Now Lev’s Original has released Kombucha Vinegar! A little birdie in San Francisco told me it’s pretty good stuff. Have you tried it?

The most hilarious Kombucha related e-mail ever? “Subject: Kombucha From: Mom”

New Feature: Pseudo Celebrity Kombucha Tweets!
(click on timestamp to visit twitter)

@pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt Nov 5, 11:46am
“The corner of Bleecker & Lafayette smells like Kombucha farts. #NYC”

@ericwareheim  Eric Wareheim Nov 14, 3:16pm
“kombucha, wellness pills, zinc throat spray and green tea… this is a rock and roll tour!”

@HalSparks Hal Sparks Nov 14 (twit Pic!)
“A little Pre-show #Kombucha”

So I suppose the lesson is, where Kombucha and Twitter intersect, funny (& inappropriate)  dudes can be found.


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1 Comment

  • hellaD

    December 23, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    HA! This is the best kombucha news I have seen, what a great collection of weird and wild kombucha fun!

    I started making honey kombucha for a while but it is true what they say about the enzymes in the honey destroys the kombucha culture and after a few brewings my kombucha tea was less potent.

    Anyway back to the standard brewing process now and a bit behind on getting SCOBYs out to all the folks who want it here in Vancouver.

    Thanks for posting the grape soda recipe it sure is yummy!


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