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Mamma Monday with Carla Atherton by Hannah Crum || Kombucha Kamp

Hannah Ruhamah, the Kombucha Mamma speaks with Carla Atherton to share her holistic approach to managing disease. Carla encourages self-awareness, education, and creativity so that individuals, children, and families are inspired to live healthful, happy lives.


Carla Atherton lives in Canada and works on a telemedicine basis with families worldwide. Atherton is a functional health educator, family health coach, podcaster, creative and academic writer, network development editor, ghostwriter, lecturer, and workshop instructor. She lives on an acreage with her three children and she is a yoga-loving mother. Founder and director of The Lotus Health Project and Healthy Family Formula, www.healthyfamilyformula.com, she strives to improve the health of families. She is the creator and host of the Children’s and Teen Health Summit.


01:57 – Introducing Carla Atherton and her health journey

06:06 – Turning challenges into opportunity

08:38 – Her daughter’s Type 1 Diabetes and what she’s learned

10:43 – Carla’s inspiration for becoming a health coach and teaching

13:34 –  How healing yourself helps others around you

17:18 – Evolving from experience vs. feeling broken

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