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Hannah Ruhamah, the #KombuchaMamma, is joined by Margie Bissinger to talk about strengthening our foundational systems. An expert in integrative health, #osteoporosis & happiness, Margie shares tips & insights to increase #flexibility & flow throughout your body. #healthyliving

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Margie Bissinger is a physical therapist, integrative #healthcoach, and happiness trainer. Over the past two decades, Margie has devoted herself to helping women with osteoporosis, and she helps her clients find their path to the best, healthiest version of themselves. In this talk, she discusses her own experience with osteoporosis, her book, “Osteoporosis: An Exercise Guide,” and her holistic view of health, which includes whole foods, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Her holistic approach to health has driven her to create programs on increasing happiness and improving bone health naturally. Margie is also the host of the Happy Bones, Happy Life Podcast.


She offers a unique and individualized coaching program to help you achieve optimal health. Whether you’re facing a medical challenge such as osteoporosis, inability to lose weight, fatigue, bloating, or blood-sugar imbalances, she is committed to improving health in all aspects. You will see positive changes in other areas of your life as a result of tackling these issues.

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