Continuous Brew Packages

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What’s Included in the Continuous Brew Kombucha Kit?

Our Continuous Brew Kombucha kits come with different customizable options such as Vessel Type, Brewer Cap Color, Flavoring Choices, and Heater Type to fit your Kombucha brewing kit to your style and needs. To select the options for your own Continuous Brew Kombucha package, follow these simple steps:

1. Choose Your Brewing Vessel

The minimum recommended size for a Continuous Brew vessel is 2 gallons to allow for the right balance of fermented Kombucha to sweet tea and to produce enough for drinking without diluting the brew too often. We offer 4 different types of Kombucha brewing vessels ranging from 2.2 – 5 gallons in capacity (Barrel only), all of which we use ourselves, including:

  • Porcelain Brewing Vessels – our “Kombucha safe” food-grade Modern Porcelain vessels are a popular choice for beginner brewers or anyone looking for an easy, economical option – 3 color choices!
  • Stoneware Brewing Vessels – these custom handmade stoneware vessels with all wood spigot are thrown, fired, and made from materials sourced right here in the USA
  • Stainless Steel Brewing Vessels – corrosive resistant 304 grade Stainless Steel vessels provide a safe brewing environment for the high acidity of Kombucha (avoid any other metal!)
  • Toasted Oak Barrels – just like with any brewed beverage, oak barrels impart a unique flavor to your brew that you just can’t get with the other brewing containers

Not sure which vessel is right for you? Check out our Kombucha brewing vessel list for more information about each one.

2. Select Your Package Type

Each of our brewing packages varies in the amount of supplies that come with each kit, ranging from the basics in our No Frills Package to all the bells and whistles in our Deluxe Package.

No matter the package, you have what’s needed for brewing success! Each one of our Continuous Brew packages comes with 2 extra-large Kombucha SCOBYs (packed in strong starter liquid and NEVER dehydrated), Brewer Cap, Hannah’s Signature Tea Blends, muslin tea bags, thermometer strip, online setup and maintenance videos, our complete CB Kombucha instructions and a lifetime Platinum Kommunity Support Forum membership. However, if you just want to buy the brewer only, we sell those separately too.

All of our continuous brew packages come with our 60-day money back guarantee and FREE SHIPPING!


What Do You Mean by “Continuous Brew”?

Some of our Kombucha brewing kits are designed for continuous brewing which is ideal for new and seasoned Kombucha brewers alike.  Not only is continuous brewing easier and more fun, it makes more of the brew and makes it faster, so you don’t have to wait as long to drink fresh, delicious homemade Kombucha. There’s also less maintenance using the Continuous Brewing method since it rarely needs to be cleaned. And, since you don’t have to keep removing the SCOBY for each batch, the chances of contamination or foreign bacteria are reduced to almost zero. In other words, it’s safer, easier and saves time! Learn more about the Continuous Brewing Method or pick your system today!

Setting Up Your Continuous Brew System

  1. Choose A Brewing Container – there are many types of brewing containers to choose from: glass jars, porcelain, stoneware or stainless steel vessels and even oak barrels! Avoid any metal containers other than 304 grade stainless steel as they will corrode, leaching metallic elements into the brew. That includes any pieces of the spigot or assembly. Many consumer grade beverage dispensers contain plastics that are not appropriate for Kombucha, leading to chemicals and off flavors in the brew. Stick with professional grade brewing supplies for the safest, tastiest brew long term.
  2. Find a Good Spot to Brew – place the vessel in an open, warm location (preferably with stable temperature) but away from direct sunlight. If using a stand, it must be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the vessel AND the Kombucha tea inside. Those in cooler climates should consider investing in a heating system that works from the sides to help keep the living bacteria and yeast happy at the ideal temperature, leading to the best flavor and safest brew.
  3. Sanitize the Equipment – unless you’ve had mold (very rare), don’t use soap! Any residue will interfere with the brew and we want to protect our bacteria and yeast rather than disrupt them. Use hot water only to rinse away any dust or normal brew build-up such as yeast. If needed to cure the vessel, PASTEURIZED vinegar (never raw!) or very sour Kombucha Tea can be used.
  4. Prepare Sweet Tea – collect all the ingredients needed to prepare the sweet tea mixture. The first batch generally requires making at least 2 gallons of sweet tea. Once the first batch is done (10-21 days), top-off tea batches are usually 1 gallon at a time, the Kombucha recipes page provides the standard one gallon sweet tea measurements if needed.
  5. Add Large Kombucha SCOBYs with Strong Starter Liquid – for each gallon of sweet tea, be sure to have at least one large SCOBY and 1-2 cups of well fermented Kombucha tea as starter liquid to ensure a safe and robust brew the first time. Properly powered SCOBYs and starter liquid do not need vinegar added.
  6. Cover the Brew with Breathable Cotton & Be Patient – Make sure you have a brewing cap, recycled cotton cloth, or suitable cover for your container to prevent mold, dirt or fruit flies (!) from getting in your brew. It’s important that this doesn’t inhibit airflow so use cotton, BUT, no cheesecloth, the weave is too loose and lets in those invaders. And remember, brewing is both an art and a science, so while you may be tempted to harvest your Kombucha tea as soon as possible, instead give it time to ferment to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. The first batch might take 21 days or longer, and the minimum is usually 10-14 days, not 7 days like in a batch brew, so patience is rewarded. Future batches will be ready much faster, usually 3-5 days depending on how much sweet tea you have added and the conditions.
  7. Prep Bottles/Containers (if you plan to store your Kombucha) – sanitize bottles and make sure they close properly.  There are different types of Kombucha bottle caps you can use but many of our customers like reusing bottles from their favorite commercial brands like GT/Synergy. But keep these fermented drink bottling safety tips in mind!

These are the basic steps in setting up a Kombucha Continuous Brew system, but we would never expect our clients to know how to maintain or get the best out of their Continuous Brew experience unless they received complete instructions.

That’s why we provide every KKamp CB client with the Complete Handbook pdf, which features a handy clickable table of contents that allows fast access to whatever information you are seeking.  And if you are interested in Continuous Brewing, it is our only online resource with complete instructions, tips, recovery methods and more. This guide comes included with all CB Packages.