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Randie Hilliard is the genius behind Rand Hill Naturals, an eco-friendly line of soaps made with Kombucha. Though long known for its internal uses, Kombucha does have a wide range of external uses as well. I have used pieces of SCOBY to heal burns, cuts and other surface wounds. I keep a jar of 30 day+ Kombucha in my medicine cabinet and use it as a skin toner. I also really love to make Kombucha face cream. It is a natural acid peel without any harmful chemicals and promotes circulation to the skins surface which regenerates the cells. Plus the collagen helps condition the skin.

Randie Hilliard of Rand Hill Naturals uses a soap cutter to slice her premium Kombucha soap bars.
Randie cuts the Kombucha soap into uniquely shaped bars

I’ve read that SCOBYs can also be used topically to treat other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and the like. I tried using it when I got poison oak a few years back, unfortunately, it didn’t help mitigate any of the pain or reduce the inflammation. If anyone reading this has used it to treat any topical skin conditions, leave a comment below,  I’d love to hear about your experience (positive or negative).

Randie started drinking Kombucha back in the 90’s and has been a home brewer for almost 20 years. When she first started making her soap, she realized that she would need something to create her own niche market.

Like the monumental meeting of peanut butter and chocolate, the combination of Kombucha and soap has been a perfect union. Not only is Kombucha good for your skin, but it also rinses cleaner than soap so that no scum is left on the body or in the shower.

Rand Hills Naturals has had their soaps tested at the same lab that Michael Roussin used for his Kombucha research in 1995. The lab determined that the active ingredients in Kombucha (glucuronic acid, B vitamins, etc) remain intact passing along those benefits to you.

Rosey Toes KT Soap Bar by Rand Hill Naturals
Great scent that rinses clean

I bought the Rosey Toes Kombucha soap and I really love it. It smells great and my skin feels fabulous after using it. I don’t get that dried out feeling and it rinses clean.

Slickety Lips Mint Flavor by Rand Hill Naturals
Lips feel soft, no harmful chemicals

Her Slickety Lips lip balm is also great. I took mine to Jordan & Egypt with me and it kept my lips moist and protected without drying them out. Plus, since all of the ingredients are natural, you don’t have to worry about swallowing harmful petro-chemicals.

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  1. I'd love to try the Ultimate Skin Quenching Serum since I have dry skin patches on my face sometimes. Sounds like this might really help that a lot. The honey mask and honey wash sound wonderful too!

  2. I would love to try the Rosey Toes, Honey Buzz, or the Love Haight Ashbury Kombucha Bar! Such a cool idea!

  3. I like Rosey Toes. I'm looking for the perfect soap for my face with dry skin and my skin is starting to thin. This bar has the combination of essential oils I see recommended elsewhere for use on the face.

  4. I've checked out randhill naturals website and EVERYTHING sounds so inviting. I would love to try rosey toes soap or maybe even the Lovender bar or love haight ashbury bar, honey buzz…gee, I don't know. A person just can't decide! It all sounds great!

  5. I've been following on twitter, and I retweeted..but, I think that I retweeted to myself since I don't have any followers. Maybe I NEED to try one of your products, being that nobody is following me. Ha,ha,ha.

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